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For the Human Experience

How can interior space truly enhance our human experiences and make us want to stay? Is it the way the lights sparkle in the evening, the touch of the fabric in the booth seat you are sitting in, or maybe it is the harmonious color palette that makes you feel at ease.


Interior design is about more than just space, it is about the interactions that take place there. How one feels emotionally and physically in a space impacts the users' experience. I believe through research and understanding of human relationships, anthropometry, and accessibility will allow designers to take interior environments to the next level. 


Choosing sustainable and renewable sources could help give back to the community in the long run. Deciding on a soft blue and green color palette at a health clinic can enhance a biophilic atmosphere that calms thoughts. Incorporating marble and large tufted seating in a high-end restaurant will help guests feel luxurious to encourage a longer stay. The overall design, in the end, impacts our lives and how we want to live it.

all of the creative ideas for the best design solution
building the solutions over & over that target toward the clients wants, needs, & desires
creating partnerships to get the ideas out into the world


I am a recent graduate from Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. 


My favorite pastime includes reading a novel surrounded by nature.


Painting & drawing have been my expressive outlet since I could walk -

I like drawing eyes or portraits.


Tea over coffee, specifically green tea.


Yoga is my favorite form of exercise.


I'm also Polish and currently trying to relearn the language.






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